Better Brighter Ideas was created because we grew tired of consumer goods that made expensive promises and did little to improve our quality of life.

And aren’t you? Shouldn’t we have access to quality, functional products without sacrificing style or breaking the bank?--Absolutely!

As a working mother of three, our founder, Joanne, understands that you need products that make your life easier. So she’s set out to restore your consumer confidence by turning bright ideas into a collection of better products. Because finding the products you love doesn’t have to be complicated. At Better Brighter Ideas, you can find what you need, make it yours, and love it long-term. It’s THAT simple!

We focus on finding quality products that solve your problems and heighten your living experience. From organizational tools for your wardrobe to kitchen gadgets you can’t live without, it’s our mission to deliver exceptional service and eliminate second guess shopping for good.

What’s even better? A portion our sales is given back to the community.

Reach for a glass of wine and a comfy sweater and start finding the products you love.